With the ‘order from my library’ option switched on:

Whenever a member/user is browsing content and comes across content that they don't have access to (locked); If they click 'Get Access' then they will be presented with an option to send an access/order request to the administrator. Please note the request will be sent to ALL administrators registered to the institution's Springer account.

This option will allow you to see what content (that you don't currently subscribe to) is of interest to your users.

To switch ‘order from my library’ on/off:

  1. Log in to the Admin Dashboard.
  2. Go to the fifth tab 'Settings'
  3. Check/uncheck the ‘order from my library’ option as required.

The text of the request email that will be sent to all registered administrators:

Dear Administrator for BUSINESS PARTNER NAME,

Someone from your organization has just requested access to a document on Springer for R&D.

This request was made by: FIRST NAME LAST NAME (EMAIL ADDRESS) <—email address should be mailto link

Here are the details of the document that was requested:

ENUMERATION ARTICLE TITLE <—This should link to the abstract page for the item ABSTRACT

We’re happy that your users have found our content so desirable. If you need any help in fulfilling this request please let us know.


The Springer for R&D team

This email was automatically generated. Please do not reply.

You have received this email because:

1) The “Order from my library” feature is enabled for your organization, and 2) You are listed in our records as an administrator for BPID NAME

This feature can be managed in the “Settings” section of your admin dashboard <—Should link to admin dashboard, settings tab