Shibboleth access (SAML 2 version) is currently supported for the following authentication federations:

  • Austria (ACOnet)
  • Belgium (Belnet R&E)
  • Canada (CANARIE)
  • Chile (COFRe)
  • Czech Republic (Eduid)
  • France (Federation √Čducation-Recherche)
  • Germany (DFN-AAI)
  • Greece (HEAL-Link)
  • India (Inflibnet)
  • Italy (IDEM)
  • Japan (GakuNin)
  • Netherlands (SURFconext)
  • Portugal (RCTSaai)
  • Russia (Fedurus)
  • Slovenia (ArnesAAI)
  • Spain (SIR)
  • Switzerland (SWITCHaai)
  • UK (UKAMF)
  • US (Incommon)
  • OpenAthens Healthcare Federation
  • Edugain

If you belong to any of the national federations listed here please contact us at to have access set-up.

We may also be able to support access for you if your company uses Google for Work (GSuite), ADFDS, and Microsoft Azure 

Once set-up your institution's name will show in the Shibboleth dropdown list on Shibboleth login page.