Time length between drug updates before drug is considered inactive/discontinued

When a certain period of time elapses and we have heard nothing to suggest that any new developments have taken place, we will report that no recent development has been reported. This period ranges from 3-4 years for a research program and approximately 2 years for a program in clinical development for a particular indication.

We always check to see whether the clinical trial that was ongoing is an extended trial in which case we may just leave the program active even though no new development have been reported for that line of investigation. The NDR status is an indication for the user that we have heard nothing new about development in that area and we can’t confirm that the company has stopped development altogether (discontinued). If we can confirm that development has stopped either for the drug program as a whole or for a particular disease area then we will update the status to discontinued.

When a company reports activity as “Suspended development” we update our records accordingly.

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