Find submission status of your article / manuscript

As the corresponding or submitting author, you can track the progress of your article online via our Submission Tracker. It will guide you through the stages from the moment your article has been submitted until it is published. 

Every step is described and will let you know whether any action is required, which you can then perform as appropriate by clicking on the respective manuscript, leading you to the submission system. 

Please note that the email address you are registered with under your Springer Nature account needs to match the email you used during submission. 

If you still need to get a (matching) account, please create one under register a new account, to track your submissions and check your impact


If you have any further questions regarding your article submission and its status, please check the contact mentioned in the submission system or Who to contact with publishing enquiries.


Upon publication, the corresponding author will receive an email including a link to their downloadable article PDF. 

All authors can also use our SharedIt feature to view and share their published article, outlined in Content sharing.

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