Track your article’s performance

As an author, you can track the performance of your published articles online via Your Publications (login required). 

You can also access it via the starting page of your Springer Nature Profile where you will need to login and navigate to "Your Research". Here, you will see the segment "Check the performance of your publications", where you will see the overview of your latest article publication. 

Underneath that, you will see "Check all publications" where you will find a list with all of your publications.


a screenshot of Check all publications where you will find a list of your publications

Selecting one of your articles from the list will give you insights into its citations and accesses including a bar chart showing the accesses over the past 12 months or since publication as well as a list of countries from where these accesses were made. 

Please note that the email address you are registered with under your Springer Nature Profile needs to match the email you used during submission. 

If you still need to get a (matching) account, please create one under register a new account, to track your submissions and check your impact

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