Save password option for login details

Selecting the ‘save password?’ option will enable the computer you are using to remember your login details. When using the same computer you will no longer be prompted to re-enter your login details each time you access your account on You will be automatically logged on until you have disabled the automatic login.

It is recommended that you do not enable this option if you are using a shared computer, such as in a library or university, as any subsequent user of that machine would be logged on as you on our website.

Remember me on this computer:

After you enter your email and password, there is the option ‘Remember me on this computer’ and when 'checked' before logging in, your login details OR email/password will be saved on the machine you are using.

Disabling the automatic login:

To disable the automatic login please go to the homepage, on the top right of the screen, you will see ‘Welcome back: Your first and last name’. Underneath you will see ‘Log Out’.

Clicking on this will disable the automatic login and you will be asked for your email and password.

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