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There are two levels of Search functionality on nature.com which are available to any user, although depending on the content you may need to be a subscriber or registered user to view the content of the search results.


Basic Search which can be accessed via the Search field or Search button at the top of most of the pages on the site. You can use the basic search to locate content using keywords, phrases, the article title, an author or the DOI (Digital Object Identifier).


There is also an Advanced Search which enables the user to search using multiple criteria, including all of the above as well as by specific journal(s) and date ranges. To search within specific journals, start to type in the name of the journal and a list of available titles will appear from which you can select.


The search results are displayed in order of relevance by default, but this sort can be changed to display in date order by selecting the relevant option by clicking on the arrow next to “Sort by Relevance”.


You can narrow down the results using filters by clicking on the arrows next to the Article Type, Journal and Date options at the top of the results.

Search using arrows with filter and sortation options

Please note that our online archives are not exhaustive and you may find that we do not hold the required article, particularly if it is very old. For such articles we suggest using PubMed, which has an extensive archive of our journals, or utilising the British Library’s document supply service.

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