Journal titles with name changes

Listed below are journal titles with name changes. While this is not a comprehensive list; it does contain some of the most commonly asked about journals:

Former nameNew nameYear changed
ExperientiaCellular and Molecular Life Sciences1996
Photogrammetrie Fernerkundung GeoinformationPFG – Journal of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Science2017
The Behavior AnalystPerspectives on Behavior Science2018
uwf UmweltWirtschaftsForumNachhaltigkeitsManagementForum2018
Chinese Journal of CancerCancer Communications2018
Economia e Politica IndustrialeJournal of Industrial and Business Economics2019
Computer Science - Research and DevelopmentSoftware-Intensive Cyber-Physical Systems2018
BioPhysical Economics and Resource QualityBiophysical Economics and Sustainability2019
Acta EpilepsiaActa Epileptologica2019
Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental MedicineAdvances in Traditional Medicine2020
BMC GeneticsBMC Genomics2020
Fixed Point Theory and ApplicationsFixed Point Theory and Algorithms for Sciences and Engineering2020
Palgrave CommunicationsHumanities and Social Sciences Communications2020
Journal of Modern Transportation. Chinese Library of ScienceRailway Engineering Science2020
TPO - De Praktijk. Order through Bohn Stafleu van LoghumTvPO2020
The Journal of Primary Prevention
Journal of Prevention

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