Change mailing address for your print issue

Personal subscribers can change their delivery address at any time via My Account on

Login in with your username and email address where it shows "Already have an account? Please log in."

After your information appears, click on the Edit button so you can make the necessary changes to your address:

Once you have made the necessary alterations to your address, click on the Save button. The revised address will then be used for the next labels to be generated for your subscription(s).

Institutional and corporate subscribers should contact our Customer Service team at with the information listed below. If you would rather call your local Customer Service team, their phone numbers are available here.

  • Customer ID
  • title of the journal(s) you are subscribed to
  • the current delivery address
  • the new delivery address and effective date

Where possible please advise us at least two weeks in advance of any change to your delivery address as this will enable us to update our systems in time for the new address to be used for mailings from the date you move.

Please see our Claiming an Issue support page in regards to missing issues impacted by your move.

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