Maintaining IP ranges

Go to the Access page on the Librarian Portal for a full list of the IP ranges from which your licensed content can be accessed.

If you wish to make any changes to these ranges, please submit a ticket to our Online Service teams with the relevant information or email online service.

Please note we do not permit private or intranet IP addresses to be associated with a customer account. They are private and not discoverable in the public internet space so would not enable access as a user would never reach our sites via a private IP. The IP address you will see on your personal computer will be your private IP, but if you go to a site like you will see a different IP which is your public IP.

For more information please see Private IP Addresses: Everything You Need to Know.

Private IP Ranges are:

  • IP addresses: –
  • IP addresses: –
  • IP addresses: –

There are also Multicast IP addresses that are not used to route traffic. The range is:

  • -

For more information on Multicast IP addresses, see Multicasting.

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