Content on Demand

Content on Demand (CoD) is a cross-platform solution that provides institution-wide access to all unlicensed Springer Nature content, as available, with the use of prepaid sets of downloads at a fixed cost-per-unit. 

Download packages start from 150 units up to 5,000 or more.


  • Springer Nature CoD: use the same set of downloads to access resources on SpringerLink and CoD concurrently, based on the same terms and conditions. 

  • SpringerLink CoD: access SpringerLink resources only 

  • CoD:  access resources only 

A dedicated admin account and custom usage reports are available to help you monitor your account balance.

You can add units to your account at any time. 

Subscription, Open Access and free content will not be deducted from your download total.

Licensed downloads remain valid for 2 years.

Please contact your Licensing manager for more information.

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