Token URL Based Access for Nature and Scientific American

We highly recommend using IP-authenticated access because it guarantees unlimited access for all users within your institution. It also enables us to provide you with detailed monthly usage statistics reports. We protect the information (including IP addresses) in your registration, and do not give out or publish organizations' IP addresses in any way.


If your organization is not able to use IP authentication, or if you need to enable remote access for Nature or Scientific American without a federated access method, you have the option of access via a token URL Token and Magic Word (password) combination. This method of access does not require IP authentication and enables remote access for your users from any computer.


To gain access users copy/paste the Token URL into a browser at any internet-enabled terminal.

Screenshot of two login pages for Nature Portfolio and Scientific American, each requiring a 'MagicWord' for access to publications.

Can my institution sign up for the Token based access model?

Yes. Please provide your institutions name, account number with us (if possible), your preferred MagicWord password, and a number that you would like us to set as the maximum number of users from your institution allowed to access at any one time.  To request to be setup for the token based access model please submit a ticket or email online service.


Can I still see the real-time customer usage for Token based access?

No, the Springer Nature Librarian Portal does not currently show how many customers are logged in. However, please be assured that no more than the maximum allowance will be logged in at any time.


How can I change my MagicWord for Token based access?

In order to change your MagicWord please submit a ticket or email online service.

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